Condominium Law

Representing Associations, Boards, Trustees & Unit Owners

Flynn Law Group is widely recognized as an authority on condominium law, but we pride ourselves just as much on our steady stream of referrals from existing clients. We believe that’s a direct result of our responsiveness, cost-effective representation and successful results.

In particular, our condo attorneys specialize in advising trusts and condo boards; reviewing and revising condo documents, vendor contracts and other legal documents; collecting outstanding fees; and handling lawsuits regarding disruptive tenants or unit owners.

In addition to our work in condominium law, we have a longstanding practice in residential and commercial landlord-tenant matters such as evictions. Many times, our knowledge and experience in those areas have proven valuable to our condominium clients.

“I have worked with Attorney Frank Flynn for over 20 years, dealing with numerous apartment, condominium and commercial-related matters with exceptional results. Throughout this time, he has been a consummate professional, with a deep well of knowledge and experience. Frank has built a solid legal team of talented individuals, charging reasonable rates and providing timely and clear advice and successful outcomes.”
Edward M. Wadman, CPM
Senior Portfolio Manager, Barkan Management Co., Inc.
  • Advise trustees
  • Attend board meetings
  • Review/modify by-laws and articles of organization
  • Collection of condominium fees
  • Amend documents
  • Contract revision
  • Review management agreements
  • Review vendor contracts
  • Conduct elections
  • Condominium loan closings
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Case Story

An Empty Operations Account

Flynn Law Group received a call from the president of a condominium management company that had recently met with new condominium trustees at a property. It seemed the condominium’s operating account was completely empty.

Challenge: The account was supposed to hold all payments of condominium fees and the reserve accounts, totaling tens of thousands of dollars. However, it appeared a former condominium trustee had stolen all of the money.


Solution: Flynn advised the management company and new trustees to hire a forensic accountant to track down the missing money and uncover any theft or fraud committed by the former trustee. We also began reviewing all accounts with the unit owners and the property. Ultimately, we developed a comprehensive strategy for collecting all outstanding condominium fees as well as our attorney fees.


Result: Through hard work and close attention to the condominium collection timeline, Flynn was able to recover 100% of all unpaid condominium fees—about $40,000. This enabled the condominium to continue paying its bills and avoid certain financial ruin.

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