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Representing Commercial Property Owners & Management Companies

Whether you’re a landlord or involved in commercial real estate in another capacity—from developing a new office building to buying a restaurant—Flynn Law Group can advise you on lease terms, contract issues and collections. As experts in commercial landlord-tenant law, we handle the defense of any tenant claims, and we are known for our expertise in eviction. Our clients also know us for providing responsive, cost-effective representation—and achieving successful results.

In addition to commercial landlord-tenant law, we also specialize in condominium law and residential landlord-tenant law. Our knowledge and experience in those areas has proven extremely useful in many commercial cases.

“Frank has been highly successful whenever I have had to use his legal expertise. He is quite knowledgeable and expects and gets positive results. I highly recommend Flynn Law Group to any property management company.”
Wendell Yee
Property Manager, The Schochet Companies
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  • Commercial evictions
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  • Defense of commercial tenant claims
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Case Story

The Disappointing Commercial Tenant

One of our clients owned a multi-family property that included commercial units. Flynn Law Group negotiated and prepared a commercial lease with a well-known national restaurant chain seeking to set up a franchisee location at the property.

Challenge: Despite a fantastic location and the chain’s nationwide advertising campaign, the franchisee failed to establish a successful business at the site. In situations like this, the landlord usually loses a significant amount of money.


Solution: When the lease was originally signed, Flynn had included several clauses that protected our client. As seasoned commercial leasing attorneys, we understand the importance of strategizing and planning for the possibility a transaction may not turn out as all parties wanted, despite their good intentions.


Result: Flynn was able to negotiate a substantial five-figure settlement from the national restaurant chain. The settlement money served to supplement the property’s revenue and offset any costs or expenses incurred in relation to this failed transaction. 

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